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Boroda Baits Yakudza 110mm color R3 fiolet

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Yakudza is our latest proposal of lures from Boroda Baits, in this case the Russian manufacturer offers much larger sizes. The body of Yakudza is ribbed along the whole length, which makes our lure micro-vibrate, allowing the angler to guide it precisely and present it to the predator. Yakudza is a traditional hoofbait, which has always worked well for catching large predators. The strong body together with numerous protrusions causes additional micro vibrations, while the precisely chosen large tail cleverly introduces the whole lure into vibrations, which can lure even the most cunning predator from a long distance. 

Yakudza is available in two versions: 85 mm and the classic 110 mm, the manufacturer offers this lure in over a dozen color versions and in very attractive two-color versions. Our lure is dedicated to catching large predators such as pike and zander.

Technical specification: 110 mm - 9 gr.  / 85 mm - 5 gr.